Dangerously Persistent

A production studio for collective liberation. Specializing in live and virtual events from start to finish.

Our People

Kevin Rabinovich, Founder & Executive Producer.

Since 2011, Kevin has produced and directed TEDx events, summer camps, conventions, hackathons, conferences, and fundraisers. His recent clients and partners have included Bernie 2020, Equality Now, LatinoJustice, Richard Saul Wurman (the founder of TED), and legendary designer Debbie Millman.
He holds a BA in architecture with minors in philosophy and digital production.

And our talented network.

Our producers, directors, and creatives have won Emmy awards, stage-managed Broadway shows, edited videos for TED, produced conferences with 20,000+ people, and more.

We Might Enjoy Working With You If:

  • You’re fighting for a more just, egalitarian world.
  • You sweat the details.
  • You need people who can roll with the punches without shit-talking.
It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.

— Assata Shakur